The Weirdest Florida Stories We Found In 2023

Welcome to 2024! Millions of Americans bid farewell to 2023 and ushered in the new year on a Sunday night. Leading up to the golden moment at midnight, many were looking back on the most jarring and iconic moments from last year. Florida is no different, where dozens of off-the-wall shenanigans, crimes, and natural incidents occurred in the past 12 months.

These were the most popular stories from the Sunshine State based on our analytics. Readers couldn't keep their eyes off anything involving the fearsome predators lurking off the state's coast: sharks. Whether they're attacking unsuspecting people and animals or inspiring a mother to leave her kid in the car, sharks caught the attention of many viewers.

The headline that latched onto people the most were court documents alleging a father convicted of child abuse had job offers lined up for him. This man was arrested after authorities found his young son locked up in a box-like structure, and his lawyers were arguing for his release so he could get a job during the appeals process.

When it came to videos, one of the most shocking moments from 2023 was a Florida biologist getting struck by lightning while filming a YouTube video.

You can read more about those crazy moments, and other jaw-dropping stories from last year, below:

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