Mysterious Illness, 'Bright Blue' Vomit Reported On Cruise Out Of Florida

Carnival Freedom Cruise Ship

Photo: Ruth Peterkin / iStock Editorial / Getty Images

Several passengers claim they suffered an unknown illness during a Carnival Cruise trip out of Jacksonville, Florida last week, including a Georgia woman who said she threw up "bright blue" vomit.

Miranda Hill told First Coast News she recently went on the Carnival Elation with her boyfriend's family for five days. Hill initially believed she was seasick but noticed something strange with her symptoms.

“My throw up was bright blue and I have never eaten anything blue and every time I look up blue throw up, it has to deal with a poisoning,” Hill recounted to reporters.

The passenger said she had to be hooked up to an IV for half of the voyage. She also claims her friends and boyfriend's family started suffering similar symptoms, adding that one of her friends reportedly threw up a live parasite.

A Carnival spokesperson told First Coast News they believe the passengers suffered gastroenteritis and will have the ship undergo more cleaning. The news outlet reported the Carnival Elation returned to Jacksonville on Monday (January 22).

Hill said she and her boyfriend got a $95 cruise credit to use on a future trip. No word on their condition as of Thursday (January 25) or if they're still afflicted with the illness.

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